Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aphrodisiac Chocolates

Taste the sweetness of Love…An enchanting Kiss…Melting Desire…

Luxury Chocolate Truffles infused with World's most potent Aphrodisiac Herbs. Visit us at and try for yourself!
A very special Box of Chocolates for your Valentine!
About us:
Just like you, we love chocolate. And perhaps, It was Love that inspired us to create Aphrodisiac Chocolate Truffles- yes, these chocolates are made for lovers! The intense and complex aroma of cocoa is induced with exotic aphrodisiac herbs and spices, which adds a gentle arousing effect and exciting flavors, elevating your sensual perception in every way. We use the most potent aphrodisiac herbs from around the globe and developed the ultimate combination of ingredients which, with a single bite, produce truly euphoric sensations. Spurring you along to love each other a little more, a little sweeter - this is the ultimate inspiration behind this exquisite creation. Each chocolate is hand-made and crafted by our talented and experienced Chocolatiers to ensure the exquisite smoothness and flavor of Adevi. The herbs used to make Adevi truffles are harvested wild or organically grown in the countries of their origin and are FDA approved. Every aphrodisiac truffle contains about 60mg of combined herbs & spices. Adevi Chocolates are made pre-order in small batches and packaged immediately in our Chocolate Factory, which is located in White Plains, New York, to ensure unsurpassed quality and freshness. The truffles are then shipped directly to you. We use only natural products free of preservatives or artificial flavors, and as a commitment to you and Nature we are a fully "Green" company.


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